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Fresh, Local Foods

Enjoy a truly delicious lunch or dinner with your glass of wine. Santé Wine Bar and Tap Room has a full menu available for both lunch and dinner.

Sante-Restaurant Meal
  • Full-service bar

  • Lunch and dinner

  • House-made food and desserts

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You won't get pre-packaged, generic meals here. We want you to fully enjoy your experience with us, down to the last ingredient. We utilize local cheeses and produce to create meals that taste fresh and support local businesses!


All the ingredients we have and the foods we create with them are high-quality and as fresh as possible.

Dedication to quality

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the classy ambiance during

your meal.



Olive Melange


Marcona Almonds


Salt and Pepper Potato Chips

Herbed Greek olive mix

Tossed in sunflower oil and sea salt

From AVL’s Gourmet Chip Company







Ham and Fig

San Guiseppe sopressata and vesuvio salami / parmesan / tomato sauce

Figs / prosciutto / Holly Grove chevre / house chutney /  olive oil base


Bacon and Blue

Portobello / red onion / bacon / blue cheese / mozzarella / olive oil base



Add soup to any sandwich


Portobella Wrap


The Italian

Portobello / artichoke hearts / red onion / spring mix / banana peppers / Holly Grove chevre /

lemon basil vinaigrette

Proscuitto / San Guiseppe soppressata / banana peppers / red onion / mozzarella / mixed greens /

red wine vinaigrette / City Bakery ciabatta

Choice of side: green salad, or salt and pepper chips


Turkey Club Wrap

Turkey / bacon / avocado / Swiss cheese / spring mix / mayo / Lusty Monk mustard


BBQ Trout Melt



Daily Soup


Salad à la Jori


Greek Salad

Amish blue / toasted walnuts / dried cherries /

balsamic vinaigrette

San Guiseppe soppressata / feta / banana peppers / olive mélange / artichoke hearts / red onion / house vinaigrette


Trout Avocado Salad

Sunburst farms trout / avocado / Goat Lady Dairy chevre / red onion / lemon-basil vinaigrette


Soup and Half Salad

* +2 for trout avocado salad


$6 for each item or choose 3 for $17

Served with onion and raisin chutney, olives, toasted almonds, figs, an assortment of crackers, and City Bakery baguette



*Please ask your server for current selections.



San Pellegrino Aranciata (orange)

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml


San Pellegrino Limonata (lemon)


Coke / Diet Coke / Sprite


Ginger Beer

Holly Grove chevre / mozzarella / parmesan /

tomato sauce

Sunburst smoked trout / Swiss / bacon / City Bakery challah bread

soup and sandwich tomato bisque and sandwich pizza 2



4:00 – 6:30 come get your taste on at our 10 for $10 tasting event!


Taste any 10 wines on our by the glass menu for $10. Yep, that’s two glasses of wine for $10.


We imagine it’s the best deal in town.


Blue Cheese & Roasted Walnut Dip

The house favorite



bacon / spring mix / tomato / Goat Lady Dairy chevre / house garlic aioli / City Bakery Challah

Rocket's Robbiola – Boxcarr Handmade Cheese - NC

Jersey and Holstein cow's milk, ash dusted rind, northern Italian inspired. Pasteurized. Luscious, creamy and plump

Asher Blue – Sweet Grass Dairy - GA

Raw cow's milk, natural rind, aged 90 days, complex, earthy, creamy

Larrun Gazta Etxegarai – Basque Country - Spain

Smoked raw sheep's milk cheese

Rosemary Chevre – Goat Lady Dairy - NC

goat's milk, hand shaped and herbed with rosemary

Cahill's Irish Porter Cheddar – Ireland

Pasteurized cow's milk, vintage cheddar marbled with Guiness

Smoked Trout – Sunburst Trout Farms - NC

Rainbow trout, slowly smoked, meaty and fragrant

Sweet Soppressata – San Giuseppe Salami Co - NC

Made by hand with garlic and fresh herbs

Vesuvio – San Giuseppe Salami Co - NC

made by hand with a kick of cayenne and aged provolone

Mountaineer - Meadow Creek Dairy - VA


Snowcamp - Goat Lady Dairy - NC



cows milk, aged 6 months, nutty with caramel notes

blend of cow and goats milk, buttery and creamy


Iced Tea


4:00 – 6:30 come get your taste on at our 10 for $10 tasting event!


Taste any 10 wines on our by the glass menu for $10.

Yep, that’s two glasses of wine for $10.


We imagine it’s the best deal in town.


Trout Dip

NC Sunburst trout, garlic, spices


Toasted Baguette

olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping


Beet Salad

Roasted golden beets / chevre / toasted almonds / lemon-basil vinaigrette


Grilled Cheese

Chef’s selection of the day